Gwinhurst, Delaware

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Gwinhurst Civic Association on FaceBook
For residents of Gwinhurst to keep in touch with each other about issues impacting our community, share lost dog/cat notices, and also to organize neighborhood events such as a community yard sale.


Gwinhurst is located a few miles north of the city of Wilmington in the State of Delaware, United States of America.
County - New Castle
County Section - Brandywine Hundred
County Seat - Wilmington  (The County "Seat" is essentially the County "Capital")
Gwinhurst is 20 miles [32 km] to the southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gwinhurst is on a large hill that ranges from 40 feet [14m] to 140 feet [43m] above sea level. The Delaware River is less than ½ mile from the eastern boundary line of the community.
The northern boundary line virtually reaches Claymont, DE

Postal Addresses

USPS Mail Service -- Provided by the Edgemoor Branch Post Office
Zip Code and Place Name
-- Gwinhurst, DE 19809 or Gwinhurst, Wilmington, DE 19809
In Delaware, the name of the locality, community, or neighborhood often precedes the listing of a larger regional area or city name within the address format. Local addresses are typically written in a style that is unique to the State of Delaware. This is especially true for most driver's licenses, ID cards, governmental mailings, and voter registrations. A sample address format is shown below:
[Resident Name]
11 Odessa Ave.
Wilmington, DE 19809

The United States Post Office acknowledges all addresses in Gwinhurst that do not include the regional "Wilmington" name. However, certain private package delivery services such as FedEx and UPS now require the inclusion of the word "Wilmington" in the address, even though Gwinhurst is not physically part of the City of Wilmington; nor is the City of Wilmington the nearest incorporated area. For example, the United States Post Office considers the following address format acceptable for Gwinhurst addresses but FedEx does not:
[Resident Name]
11 Odessa Ave.
Gwinhurst, DE 19809

Gwinhurst Population and Structures

Estimated number of houses -- 432   (ref: Data complied from New Castle County Parcel Search Information System)
Commercial properties -- 2
Population Estimate -- 1,200   +/- as of 2010   (ref: Data complied from New Castle County Official WebSite)

New Castle County and State of Delaware Access

New Castle County - Official Website

State of Delaware - The Official Website of the First State

Gwinhurst Maps

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